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A Different Kind of Gym


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Maintain Fitness strives to make every workout easy to understand, challenging, and fun! Our trainers prepare all the work, planning and instructing, so you don't have to. Our approach is holistic (mind, body, spirit). We refrain from coaching or designing programs with a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we seek to listen to your recommendations and inspire you to create a lifestyle that will help you achieve your goals, maintain your results, and grow into the healthiest person you can be, both physically and mentally.



Our workouts average around 30-35 minutes of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), with a variety of circuit training styles. These HIIT workouts are designed for all fitness levels and involve multiple movements, with a plethora of resistance exercises to get the benefits of both cardiovascular and resistance training. We use the combination of training methods along with a specific training program, designed by our trainers, to achieve maximum calorie and muscular output.

The health benefits include fat loss, increased resting metabolic rate, improved oxygen consumption, reduced blood pressure and heart rate, muscle gain, and reduced blood sugar levels. We often hear "how hard can a 30-minute workout be?"

We challenge you to come to find out!



It isn't just a room filled with equipment. It’s the extraordinary combination of trainer, music, and the people in the room that make our experience unique. Every workout triggers chemical messengers in your brain, including endorphins, which leave you in post-workout bliss. The upbeat music fuels your motivation and vitalizes you in ways you never thought were possible. The weight of everyday life drifts away and a room, seemingly filled with only equipment, becomes an atmosphere of skill and united achievement.

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