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What People Are Saying About Us

Shari R.

"Brandon and all he brings is so unique, diverse and creatively brilliant that I am constantly surprised about how he comes up with ways to work out. I have been attending Maintain Fitness for 6 months and drive in from Taft CA, 40 mins one way, just to participate in this experience. I don’t think we have done the same exercise twice, that's how creative he is.

I love the workouts because I get a complete workout in less time, results faster than any other workouts and it's like having a personal trainer for a fraction of the cost. Brandon’s expertise is exceptional from body mechanics to nutritional needs for ALL ages. I am 66 years old and had no idea how my body declined even though I thought I was in okay shape. But I had lost muscle tone, balance and flexibility, not to mention my nutritional needs changed because as we age our bodies don’t hold on to nutrients as I once did, yet Brandon knew exactly all I needed to do for my dietary needs according to my age and lifestyle.


Seriously, you will not find a better coach and workout with the most amazing dedicated people that have the gift that Maintain Fitness has to offer."

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